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General information

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Development time
Spread over 5 weeks

Project information
To get more experience with C++ programming in Unreal Engine 5, I created a small third person game. It was my second time in Unreal Engine in general and the first time using Unreal Engine 5. It was quite difficult to code for the first time with C++ in Unreal, but it was a fun challenge.

In the game, the player controls a third person character. The goal of the player is to unlock the door in the main area. The door can be unlocked by winning the two minigames the player can play in the main area.

What did I learn?
- How to use and navigate in the new environment of Unreal Engine 5
- Create a third person character with moving camera with C++
- Using level blueprints
- Create cutscenes
- Create C++ and blueprint functions and events
- Action when collision with C++
- Create and spawn particles

How can I play it?
The game can be downloaded from Unreal Engine does not support building for Mac, so the game is sadly only playable on a Windows machine.

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