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General information

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Development time
Spread over 4 weeks

Project information
To get experience with Unreal Engine, I wanted to create a simple but fun game in Unreal Engine 4 using blueprints. It was my first time using Unreal Engine. Most of the games that I have created are made in Unity, so it was quite hard to switch to a whole different type of engine and coding environment.

In the game, the player can control two different characters. The goal of the player is to pass each level to finish the game. Each level has a certain type of parcour. The platforms from the parcour are controlled by buttons. You already guessed it, the two characters need to help each other to get to the next level. 

What did I learn?
- How to use and navigate in Unreal Engine 4
- Using blueprints
- Using characters and actors
- Use and create gamemodes
- Creating UI
- Switching control between two different characters
- Import character models and animations
- How to link animations to character models
- How to create first person controller

How can I play it?
The game can be downloaded from Unreal Engine does not support building for Mac, so the game is sadly only playable on a Windows machine.

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