My knowledge
In the past, I have created two games inside Unreal Engine (UE). One was a fully blueprints focused PC game in UE 4, called 'CrabGame'. The other was a more C++ focused PC game in UE 5, called 'The Lab'. During the development of both these games, I got to figure out how the Unreal Editor worked and where everything was located. In case of blueprints and C++ code, I think I have learned something, but not a lot useful for this project. This is mostly because I found the C++ in Unreal quite different from normal C++. And so, was really struggling with creating something that worked. In case of the blueprints, I learned how to use functions, but events are still a miracle to me.

During this project, my main focus (and learning goal), is to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of blueprints and C++ inside of Unreal Engine 5. I think I will be mostly working with blueprints, but I plan on alternating this with C++. So, at the end of this project, I suspect my knowledge on these topics will be quite expanded.
VR Expansion Plugin
To make things easier for ourselves, we decided to use the VR Expansion Plugin, VRE in short, as a base for our game. By using this plugin, we save a lot of time creating a VR player from scratch. The plugin contains a VR player with a PC variant. This allows us to test features without the necessity of using a VR headset. The player blueprints already contain correct player movement and the ability to grab objects with your hands.

After a deep dive in the blueprints, me and the other engineer (Tycho Tuitert) got to understand the structure of the blueprints and were able to make our own adjustments and improvements to the player. Until now, this consisted out of adding small features, like the ability to run and adjust movement types in the inspector. It is not much for now, but we just started the project and we plan on adding much more in the upcoming weeks!

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