Tasks Undertaken
Gameplay, Controls, and Audio Values
- Implemented functionality to save and load audio values from the SaveGame.
- Applied and integrated gameplay values, enabling them to be saved and loaded from the
- Incorporated controls values, ensuring they are applied, saved, and loaded from the SaveGame.

Developer Settings
- Introduced developer settings to the SaveGame feature.
- Enabled the saving and loading of developer settings within the menus.

Pause Menu Enhancements
- Integrated SaveGame code into the pause menu for seamless saving and loading.
- Included options for saving and loading data directly from the pause menu.

Automatic Saving (Settings)
Implemented automatic saving of all settings values when transitioning to the main screen or pause menu. Graphics settings are excluded from this process.

Video Integration
- Removed an old, empty folder.
- Added videos to the cockpit, enhancing the visual experience.

- Made progress on my white paper.
- Submitted applications for graduation internships.
Double Diamond
In the discovery phase, I delved into the game's existing framework, identifying areas for improvement and expansion. I initiated the process by adding crucial elements such as gameplay, controls, and audio values to the SaveGame functionality. This involved understanding the current state and envisioning enhancements to elevate the gaming experience.

Having explored and pinpointed opportunities in the discovery phase, I then moved to define clear objectives for the project. I refined the SaveGame feature to include developer settings, recognizing the need to cater to a more specialized user group and ourselves as developers. Simultaneously, I focused on streamlining the user experience by integrating SaveGame capabilities into the pause menu.

In the development phase, I executed the planned enhancements. I meticulously implemented the saving and loading of audio values, ensuring a seamless experience for players regarding audio. I extended this effort to gameplay and controls, weaving them into the SaveGame functionality (Figure 1).

The final phase involved delivering a polished and comprehensive set of features. I automated the saving of settings, excluding graphics settings, to enhance user convenience. Videos were seamlessly integrated into the cockpit (Figure 2 & 3), contributing to a more immersive gaming environment. In parallel, I dedicated time to personal and professional growth, progressing on my white paper and submitting applications for graduation internships.
Last week, I spend most of my time working on the save game. This was mostly done through trial and error. It took me some time to understand how it worked. But with a little bit of research, I was able to make it work.

- Tycho Tuitert: General feedback, discussions, and help throughout the week.

- Getting some more knowledge about saving and loading save data: https://couchlearn.com/how-to-save-and-load-in-unreal-engine-5/​​​​​​​
Reflections and Learning
Most of my week consisted out of improving the save game and adding it to the pause menu. It was verry interesting to figure out the most efficient way to save and load data. It took me a few variations, but I think that the structure I have now is okay.
Since the deadline of applied research is nearing and the need for a graduation internship is also getting bigger, we decided to spend some time on those things. It made our progress slow down a bit, but only for 1 à 2 days.

Figure 2 - Showcase of the videos in the L_MainMenu level

Figure 3 - Level Blueprint of L_MainMenu 

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