Throughout the IMT&S period, we didn't heavily rely on assets that need explicit citations. Notably, the VRE and IK plugin are governed by a MIT license, specifying that "The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the software."
This implies that, during distribution, it's needed to incorporate this license. Beyond that, we have the freedom to utilize the plugins in any manner we choose. Importantly, our development process has adhered to copyright regulations, and all programming, aside from the mentioned plugins, was internally created.
Concerning considerations for the game's release, it's handy to note that, if our game surpasses a total income of $1.000.000,-, we would be obligated to pay royalties to Unreal Engine.​​​​
Personal Copyrights
Currently, the project is not on track for an imminent full release, and thus, no business copyrights are applicable to the project at this stage. Saxion University does not hold any copyrights for our project, since they didn't contribute to its development. Each team member has made individual contributions to shape the project as a whole, but the distribution terms have only been informally agreed upon verbally.
Until formal legal agreements are in place, I am inclined to believe that I personally have ownership of the contributions I made, and others similarly own their respective parts. The company, although documentation is prepared and it could be established in a matter of days, does not yet physically exist, and no formal agreements have been signed regarding the project.
Consequently, the project cannot be utilized in any commercial capacity or repurposed for different scenarios as each individual contributor remains bound by their own works until alternative agreements are established.
For our startup, we researched the ownership and rights that were applicable for us. It is posted on our group blog and can be found here:

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