Throughout the IMT&S project, we've collaboratively created a game that brings a sense of pride to each team member. I'm personally very pleased with our collective achievements and feel a strong sense of meaningful contribution to the final product. The journey was marked by both highs and lows, fostering a real sense of team bonding.
As we transition to working on our graduation projects, I extend my best wishes to everyone and hope they will learn a lot in their new workplace!
A teaser trailer of the end result can be found on YouTube or at Figure 1.
Learning Goals
When I look back on my learning goals of this semester, I am very satisfied with my results and can say for sure that I have fully achieved all three of them!

Goal 1
My primary goal of mastering Unreal Engine was pursued diligently throughout the project. While I aimed to integrate C++ more extensively within the project, I did manage to gain a substantial understanding of C++ through the creation of the level loading class and a lot of research. Although there's room for growth, I consider my progress in this area to be quite satisfactory.

Goal 2
Concerning my second learning goal of implementing immersive/advanced technologies, the full scope wasn't realized as anticipated. While I aimed to explore hand tracking or face tracking, with a stronger focus of face tracking, these were not required for our project.
Nonetheless, my concentrated effort on the research of face tracking in Unreal Engine 5, my participation in recording the motion capture, my research and testing of Lumen and Nanite, and the use of VR in general proved valuable. It allowed me to simultaneously address all three learning goals and achieve a result that meets my expectations. Therefore, I consider this learning goal adequately fulfilled and am pleased with the outcome.

Goal 3
Regarding the third learning goal, practical applications were successfully implemented. I dedicated significant time to client-server authority and managed to network sync most features requiring synchronization (enemy AI, buttons, levers, player stats, etc.). In addition to that, I researched and integrated server hosting and joining through multiple hosting methods using (Steam) Advanced Sessions. Although I couldn't complete the envisioned research due to prioritizing other features, I've gained a heightened comfort level with networking skills in Unreal Engine 5. Overall, I'm content with the results and consider this learning goal achieved.

In conclusion, I take pride in my accomplishments and am content with the wealth of new knowledge acquired over the past few months.

Figure 1 - Teaser Trailer of our project

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