Figure 1 - Teaser Trailer

General Information
Embark on an immersive journey with Project 78, a puzzle adventure game designed for Virtual Reality. Whether you choose to go solo or team up in co-op mode, engage in the challenge of solving physics-based puzzles using your trusty bow. Uncover the enigmatic secrets of a newly discovered planet as you navigate through this captivating VR experience.

Engine: Unreal Engine 5 (Blueprints & C++)
Target Platform: PCVR
Development Time: 20 weeks
Team Size: 8 people

- Technical Artist: Teun de Vries
- Designer: Ira Evers
- Engineers: Myself (Maurits Dijkman) and Tycho Tuitert

Description & Contribution
This large project was the result of a half year project course at our studies, called IMT&S. When we started development, we initially wanted to create something as a continuation of Apollo Arena (a VR game we made two years ago).
However, as we started the development process, we felt the urge to explore a new direction and went for a whole different type of VR game. During this project, we created a demo/vertical slice of our game. The gameplay is clear, forms the first level of our game, and shows what we are capable of. The gameplay walkthrough can be found at Figure 2.

My Contributions
My focus during the project laid on general gameplay programming, but also moved to network and AI programming as the project progressed. The list below shows a few of the highlights I worked on.
- Enemy AI (Blueprint structure, behavior, etc.)
- Menu Widgets (Main Menu + Pause Menu)
- Save Data (Saving + Loading Settings)
- Network Syncing (Syncing everything correctly over the network)
- Joining & Server Hosting (Ability to host/join on LAN or dedicated servers (Advanced Sessions))
- Motion Capture (Recording enemy animations)
- Player Interaction (Making the environment interactable)

For a more detailed description of the prototypes I made, please visit the 'Individual Prototypes' blog post I made as part of a larger blog structure we needed to maintain during this project. If you are curious for all blog posts, you can find them here.

Figure 2 - Gameplay Walkthrough

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