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​​​​​​​General information
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Engineer: Maurits Dijkman and Tycho Tuitert
Development time
8 weeks

Project information
During this project, WirWar was a client from my school (Saxion). We needed to create a competitive multiplayer game for them that they can show at their gaming festival in the Twente football stadium. We were competing against 9 other teams for the spot at the gaming festival.

My part
During this project I was not the only engineer. Tycho Tuitert was the other engineer, so the programming work could be divided.

I worked on the following things:
- VR physics
- VR movement (teleport and continuous) 
- VR UI and UX
- XR rig (player) implementation
- Different arrow types
- (Part of) Network programming
- Overall gameplay (experience)

What did I learn?
- How to create a VR player from scratch
- Creating a VR movement system (including stairs, slopes and small objects)
- Implementing and creating own physics (gravity and movement) for VR
- Using and working with Mirror for local networking (servers, clients and syncing)
- How to optimize and improve textures and game performance

We wanted to be unique, so we decided from the start that we wanted to create a VR (Virtual Reality) game. After a lot of research and some discussions we decided to make a multiplayer VR shooter with old fashioned bows. Our idea was to make a free-for-all gamemode where player have to shoot each other and compete for the most kills.

Main menu
Players spawn in a main menu where they can fill in their username and can select different gamemodes. Currently, only the Free For All (FFA) button works. In the FFA screen, the player can select an existing server, or create a new one with a custom name.

When the player has created or joined a server, he/she can select a color for their character. A preview of the color on the character model is shown. If a player doesn't select a color, the game will assign one automatically. Players cannot choose the same color.
The host can select the map where the round wil be played in. The server automatically selects the big map, but the host can also select a smaller version of the map (handy when playing with 2-4 people).
When players want to start the game, they all need to press the ready button that is positioned at the start of the lobby scene. When all players are ready, a timers counts down and the game begins.

A round takes 5 minutes to play. The player can select different arrow types, normal, propel and grapple. The normal arrow kills a player when he/she is hit by the arrow. The bounce arrow bounces every player away that is in its range.
Players can also pick up explosion arrows around the map. These explosion arrow replace the normal arrows. The player gets 3 explosion arrows with a pickup. The explosion arrow kills every player that is in its range.

After each game/round, the players move to a victory scene. In this scene, the top three players stand on a podium with the other players standing beneath them. There is fireworks and players can clap by making a clap movement with their controllers.
After the victory scene, players get teleported back to the lobby.

How can I play it?
On the final day, all teams presented their game before the people of WirWar. It was quite thrilling, but we eventually won the contest! You will be able to play the game at the WirWar festival on Friday 25th November 2022 at the Twente football stadium in Enschede.
The game is currently under development for a client and thus cannot be downloaded. We plan on releasing the game for the Steam and Oculus store.

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