​​​​​​​General information
Windows download
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Designers: Hristo Aleksiev and Anne-Maij Franke
Engineer: Maurits Dijkman and Sep Horsthuis
Development time
3 weeks

Project information
For this project, we had to take on the role of entrepreneurs who want to start a company build around an interactive digital product. We needed to create a prototype (or "vertical slice") of this product, and analyze the marketability of it for growing a profitable company around the product.

My part
During this project I was not the only engineer. Sep Horsthuis joined our team, so the programming work could be divided.

I worked on the following things:
- Interactibility of the door handles
- Optimizing the textures and performance of the game
- Main menu
- Behaviour of the tablet with questions and answers
- Player rotation and movement
- Player interactibility with the car
- Game testing (playtests)
- Linking code with graphics
- More small tasks

What did I learn?
- Programming interaction with VR hands and the environment
- How to optimize textures and performance
- How to link and control different sounds through masters and childs
- How to program the gameplay experience of the VR player

The product needed to have a certain relationship with a social problem. After we did research and discussed several problems, we decided to create a product which helps people to pass their theory driving test. In The Netherlands, the percentage of people that pass their test has been just above 40 percent for years. We decided to create a VR game, because that is most immersive for the player and will help them understand the situations that accompany the questions better.

The player spawns in a main menu where he / she can see the controls, the explanation of the game and the settings (move by teleport or stick and the sound volume). The first questions is about what the player should do in the given situation, 'Release gas', 'Brake' or 'Do Nothing'. The player can exit the car and walk around the scene to get a better understanding of the situation. When the player wants to answer the questions, he / she can hop back in the car and select the answer on the tablet that is located in the car. The player can also select an answer on the tablet that can be toggled on the left controller. 
When the player has selected an answer, a simulation of what happens with the given answer will be played. The player then can see if the answer is correct or not.
The second questions is about the correct right of way. Here, the player finds himself / herself on an intersection with two normal cars, one truck and one pedestrian.
After the two scenario's, the player will be put back into the main menu.

How can I play it?
The game can be downloaded from for Windows. Because the game is for VR, it can currently only be ran on a Windows device.

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