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​​​​​​​General information

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Development time
Spread over 5 weeks

Project information
To get more experience with mobile game development in Unity, I created a 3D mobile game in the Unity Engine. I also wanted to learn how to use sensors from a phone and use that in a game. It was my first time creating a game that was developed for mobile only. It was quite similar to creating a game for the PC, you only have to consider the quality of the graphics. Using the sensors from a phone was easier than I thought, it was a fun challenge to implement that into the game.

The game uses the input from the motion sensor (accelerometer) from the device (phone or tablet) to influence the gameplay. The UI is made adaptive to all screen sizes, so it runs perfectly on every normal device.

What did I learn?
- How to read and use the values of the accelerometer in a phone
- How to use the NavMeshSystem from Unity
- How to optimize code and graphics for mobile
- How to use your phone to playtest in Unity
- How to make UI adaptive for different phone and tablet screens

How can I play it?
The game can be downloaded from for IOS and Android. The game can also be played in the browser (WebGL) on a phone. The game will not work perfectly in the browser, since the screen of the phone will rotate when you turn your phone to play the game.

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